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Sundance Spas

We have teamed up with Sundance Spas to bring you the best tot tub for you.


Like love, finding the best hot tub for you it isn’t just about one thing. Living with a Sundance hot tub is almost like finding that special someone. You can relax and enjoy good times together. You appreciate their good looks and nice features. And when you’re still satisfied after years together, you know you made the right decision to go with a Sundance spa.


Clean Water

The MicroClean water purification system featured on 880 and 780 Series spas surpasses all others for ensuring pure, clear water with low maintenance and reduced chemical usage. The system does this by combining efficient, effective filtering, water circulation, and water skimming processes.

Both the MicroClean Plus filter in 880 Series spas and the MicroClean filter in 780 Series spas employ technology similar to that used in home drinking water filters.


optional high-output SunZone CD ozone generator reduces need for chemical sanitizers


SunZone CD is standard on 50Hz export models.


optional SunPurity mineral spa purifier further reduces the need for chemical sanitizers (not available in all countries).

FDA-Compliant and NSF Approved Filter

The MicroClean filter cartridge is the first FDA-complaint and NSF-certified filter within the hot tub industry. Exclusively manufactured by Filter Specialists Inc. for Sundance Spas.

Energy Efficient

Sundance manufactures high-performance hot tubs that are engineered to run efficiently for years. We build in systems and components that maintain thermal energy. They also keep the water clean longer.

Superior heat retention starts with our proprietary Rigid Bond shell construction. Its benefits are enhanced by the polyurethane foam insulation that surrounds the shell and fills the spa cabinet. A thick, insulating spa cover with a two-pound-density foam core adds to the heat retention properties.

A titanium coil heater in 880 Series spas transfers 100% of heat it produces directly into the water. The heater itself is so robust, it comes with an unconditional five-year warranty.

The Sundance Difference means you will be satisfied with your hot tub in every way. We care about making your life easier with low maintenance spas. We build in energy efficiency. And we keep making advances in design and technology that are the envy of other spa companies.

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